Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Its been long enough

Really, what have I been doing? Certainly not updating my blog! 

Well, I volunteered at the TC marathon with RBC's mile 13.1 team. We mixed PowerAde 25 gallons at a time in garbage pails. We stirred said PowerAde with a hockey stick. We gave each other bunny ears in photos. We handed out said PowerAde to crazy runners who enjoy running 26.2 miles. (sorry, I just don't understand it). 

And, above all, we had a really good, cold, PowerAde-ful time.
On Oct 11, I turned 26. I felt old, and sad, and old. I am getting older, and I have gray hair. And I felt, well, old. I got a new lens for my camera, and with it I took this photo of my Halloween wreath. Jason knows just what a girl wants! An EF 50mm f/1.8!!
My mommy bought me these beautiful Uggs. Dear Uggs, I love you. Dear Mommy, I love you too. My mommy was 26 when we had me, so it was her 'Golden Labor Day'. She came up with that herself.
We also attended the 'last' Twins game in the Dome. I say 'last' because we all know it wasn't really the 'last' game, but it was officially the 'last regular season game' in the Dome. We got vintage Homer Hankies. We waved them. We had fun.
I think thats it!!