Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cheese and Rice

Cheese and Rice, you heard me right. If you know my dad at all, you'll recognize this saying as a way around the blasphemous 'Jesus Christ' as an expletive.  And, Cheese and Rice its been a long time since I've blogged. Since then, we've ripped down more walls, seen a celebrity, celebrated birthday's and watched hockey games...

Katelin is number 3! Go girl!
Kat VonD was at the bookstore and Marge and I just happened to walk in. How cool!!
Another missing wall.... I am just worried my cat is going to crawl into the empty whole up there and get stuck. 
And there is nothing like wearing a helmet to open birthday gifts. When you are four I guess anything goes....
....Including wearing full rollerblading gear while trying to open your wallet to get your birthday money out.
As most of you who read this probably know, I got a new camera. I love it. LOVE. LOVE.
I also love Ginger, and she is so cute in her St. Patty's day hat.
She's just really cute in general..... 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It was pretty nice before. I worked hard picking out the paint color. But, its not all that great and we really want to change it. Get rid of the silly pocket door. Make it more open. And eventually, put in a patio door where the window is. But for now...
We'll just rip this wall out.
There it goes!
The carpet is gone too. Someone had covered up the original hardwood with a yucky carpet, which was stained and dirty. It is now downstairs where it is covering the concrete.

Its stained, it has carpet glue and tape on it, but I think it can be saved!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carolyn Herrera

Dear Ms. Herrera

Thank you for making that fun gown I tried on at Off Saks Fifth Ave. Not only could I not afford it at its final clearance price, but I had no where to wear it. If I would have had a place to wear it, for example, the Oscars, I probably would have purchased it. After all, it was a really good deal. But, what I really need you to know is that it was SO fun to try that dress on, mostly because I will probably never ever have another one of your dresses on ever again in my lifetime.


At this point in your blog reading adventure, you may be wondering a few things. "Why did you try on a dress?" "Who is Carolyn Herrera?" and "How much is a Carolyn Herrera dress anyway?". Well, trying on dresses is a hobby that Marge and I participate in semi-regularly during our lunch hour. Hey, it gives us something to do. Carolyn is a 'designer' who sells her drseses for dollar amounts I have usually only seen on cars. See below for the blurry cell phone photo of the price tag.

Yep, it says $5999.00 as the original price. It was marked down to 2395.90 but the final clearance was $999.00.Yea, I know, it looks like it was made for me. I probably should have gotten it, because it was such a great deal. But really, I don't have a date for the Oscars so there was no point.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes, I did it all myself..... cut, leveled and applied!