Saturday, October 25, 2008

Carving Pumpkins


I am sitting at my desk working this fine Saturday morning and I thought occurred to me. "Of all my pictures at my desk who is in them the most, beside me." So I counted and here is the total.
There are 11 pictures at my desk.

Kendra 3
John (Older brother) 5
Jeremy (Younger Bro) 5
Ashley (Sister) 3
Parker (Nephew) 5
Katelin (niece) 4
Jess (Sis-in-law) 2
Maggie (Moms Dog) 1
Mom None (Don't tell her)

I don't know if it means anything, but I hope Kendra doesn't care that she isn't number 1.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun Friday

If its still Thursday and you are reading this, close down your internet and come back tomorrow.
This is Margaret glittering the floor at Rodgers and Hollands. I have connections
Ginger, squirrel hunting and tree climbing.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ginger got out of her crate, and dug through to door to freedom.
She didn't actually start the hole herself, the cat door used to be there

Even GoGo wonders what the hell happened

How she got out? Apparently the crate collapsed a bit
Door all over the stairs
The back of the door, she destroyed it.


Not much new, but I'll leave you with a picture from this weekend's wedding.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Quarter Century

Aren't I suppose to get lower car insurance now?

This was supposed to be a picture of cake. It may not look good in the photo, but it was heavenly. My friend Martha Stew...I mean Margaret made it. I love her.

This was one of my gifts from my mom and dad. My mom has collected P Buckley Moss paintings for years now, and she does some art of my alma mater, UNI. My parents have a print of UNI, where my dad also attended school and my mom lived at the dorms there. Anyway... I was just telling Jason how I would like to get a piece of her art and lo and behold -- here it is!!! Its a beautiful rendition of the UNI Campanile. I really love it.
This says it all....
This cute little candy/pumpkin stand was a gift from Marge... My little buddy looks so cute on it!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tag, I'm it

The rules...

1)Post the rules on your blog.
2)Write 6 random things about yourself
3)"tag" 6 people you think should also look deep into their soul to share 6 random things
4)And if you're "tagged" just do it.

1. Along the same lines as my wife, I hate cleaning showers.

2. I love to vacuum. It is very calming.

3. I hate heights, but it never stops me from the tallest roller coaster. Along those same line I also really dislike high bridges. Especially the bridge to Canada in Port Huron, Michigan.

4. I am deathly afraid of snakes. Try to scare me with one and you might just end up in very poor shape physically.

5. My favorite sports teams in order
1. Gopher Hockey Team (Only the hockey team, other sports don't count)
2. Twins (Even in the late 90's I watched everygame)
3. Wild (What they do with a puck is amazing)
4. Vikings (Kendra loves them just ask her)
5. Any team that is currently playing the Yankees. (F the Skankees, clap clap clapclapclap)

6. I have many driving pet peeves.
1. Use your turn signal even when changing lanes.
2. Move in to the turn lane as soon as it starts.
3. Drive in the right lane, pass in the left. I know everyone is the fastest driver in Minnesota.
4. Get off your cell phone. Everyone sucks at driving with a phone on their ear. Me included.
5. Learn how to merge. It is your responsibility to move over or open a spot for the car coming
from the on ramp. Not the other way around.
6. Accelerate when merging on to a freeway. I don't care what your excuse is, your petal
better be to the floor. I don't feel like getting ran over.

I don't have anyone to tag.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The post you've all been waiting for

I have been promising for quite a bit now to get this photos up. I tried the other night, but all I could post was that one pic of Parker with GoGo in a death grip. So, here they are..

We returned home from shopping and found this. My immediate reaction was that GoGo pushed it off the counter. He is pushed a glass off the counter before. But then we realized the reason the plate was on the counter is because we were thawing t-bone steaks.
As you can see there were frozen t-bone blood stains on quite a bit of the carpet. She managed to get them out of the butcher paper and eat them. They were frozen SOLID.
This was all that was left....
Another note on Ginger. She is half Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is a breed I know little about. What I do know is that they were lion hunters and they have a 'ridge' of hair that grows in the opposite direction up their back. Ginger doesn't have this 'ridge' but her hair on her spine is darker than the rest. BUT, when she gets really upset at another dog for walking in front of our house, she barks and her ridge stands up. It looks like a mohawk!!!
And I can't leave out GoGo, the circus clown shown here balancing on the chair back.
Sleeping on the newspaper... how is this comfortable?
These last two go with the pic of Parker. I love being and Auntie!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I give up

Go Go and Parker

This was the only picture I could get to load. I'll try for more tomorrow. 

Thanks, Jessica Hilden

The rules...

1)Post the rules on your blog.
2)Write 6 random things about yourself
3)"tag" 6 people you think should also look deep into their soul to share 6 random things
4)And if you're "tagged" just do it.

1. I refuse to clean toilets. The combination of looking at the dirty toilet and the smell of porcelain and water make me want to vomit. I just can't do it.

2. I am not the grammar police, but there are a couple phrases that make me cringe. i.e. "you did good" -- come on, its WELL."Can you borrow me 50 cents?" Its LOAN. Here is a little rule of thumb... 'borrow from, loan to'.

3. I am generally a nice person, but it is a proven fact that I am mean spirited. Deb would say I am evil spirited.

4. I wish I could be Heidi Klum, and if I was I would not have married Seal.

5. I am a really good swimmer and am not scared of water, but I am pretty terrified of Jet Skiing. What if you get knocked out when you fall off? You will drown!!! Scary!!!

6. I am peeved at people with working arms and legs who hit the 'handicap' button to open doors for their lazy butts. Its for people who need it, and you are wasting electricity. Also, if I try to open the door after you have done this, its mechanically still trying to close and I have to put all my weight into it just to squeeze through. Very annoying.

I am going to tag..... Jason Beal; Dave;Julie; My husband; and lets face it, those are pretty much the only people I know that blog accept for Jessica who sent this to me.