Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ginger's First Camping Trip

This past weekend we took Ginger on her very first camping trip. We ventured to Minneopa State Park, near Mankato. When we first arrived, we were expecting some rain. Luckily, it did not rain at all on Friday night...

Here is Ginger hanging in front of the tent.

On Saturday morning, I woke up around 6 a.m. (yes, I'm getting old) and took Ginger for a 'pee walk'. I also ventured to the restrooms... which were 'vault' style. This basically means that the bathroom is one huge porta potty. There were three stalls but they all pretty much share the same pit. Needless to say, the bathroom did not smell nice at all. The worst part was that the showers were also housed in the same building as the toilets. When you showered, you had to hold your breath. Icky. There were a lot of spiders too. I may have had to kill one in the shower. It was HUGE. 

After the 6 a.m. potty break, Ginger and I crawled back into the tent and not soon after did it start raining. After hanging out for a few more hours, Jason decided to brave the weather.. he put on all his rain gear and made us breakfast on the camp stove under the umbrella. It rained for quite a while, so I did a lot of reading in the tent.

It dried up a bit around lunch time, so we made a super healthy lunch of Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper. Nutritious. Then we head out for a 3 mile hike.

Here are a couple shots of Ginger on the hike.

More hiking

Saturday night was uneventful, we sat by the campfire and made s'mores. Sunday we decided to go check out the waterfall. Minneopa means 'Twin Falls'.

We couldn't let Ginger drink from the river due to high levels of fecal matter. Yummy :)

I think Ginger loved it!